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Our Board of Directors meeting is coming up quickly.  Red Rooster
> Grill and Pub on Monday, January 3, at 1300 hours.

Developed in response to the need for organized and trained volunteers in the wake of major disasters such as the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) function to provide life-saving aid to neighbors and alleviate strain placed on professional emergency services in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. Additionally, CERT members provide emergency preparedness information to neighbors and help to increase the resiliency of the communities in which they live. CERT members are capable of performing a number of emergency actions, including managing utilities, extinguishing small fires, providing basic medical aid, and performing light search and rescue operations. The wide array of experience, knowledge, and training brought together by the individuals who make up CERT has made this program a truly invaluable resource for communities across the nation.


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